The Ocean Matters’ facility was designed specifically for the purpose of breeding and raising lumpfish – always with the maximum bio-security in mind.

Inspired by the purity of the ocean

We believe that the only way to guarantee the finest quality lumpfish is by providing pristine water from hatch to harvest. Our land-based farm is situated on the coast of Wales with optimal in-take systems so we can create and maintain ideal conditions in which to breed and raise lumpfish. Fresh seawater is brought into our aquaculture facilities daily from local waters where it is tested, treated and continually monitored to assure an ideal growing environment, creating superior growing parameters that promote robust health and maximum survivability through both deployment and lifecycle. Due to our extensive filtration systems and clean technologies the out-going water is clean and seamlessly reintroduced back into local waterways with no effect on the environment, surrounding life or native species.

The Ocean Matters' aquaculture campus is comprised of numerous controlled systems – each with technologies that assure precise environments specifically calibrated for lumpfish. Our systems incorporate highly sophisticated filtration, ozone,  water management and monitoring technologies that enable acute control year-round.