Ocean Matters is proud to now offer Lumpfish Certification to promote sustainable salmon farming through co-habitation.

We believe salmon farmers who choose lumpfish (over medicinal treatments) for salmon delousing should be recognized and celebrated for their commitment to fish welfare and environmental stewardship. It is with this in mind that our lumpfish certification program was created – to support our customer’s efforts of putting in place a sustainable future.

There is a great opportunity in aquaculture to respond to consumer growth in the sustainable, organic and natural food sectors through cleaner fish co-habitation strategies. With the Ocean Matters lumpfish certification program, partner farmers will be able to differentiate their product, and directly contribute to: 

  • Healthy, high-quality salmon 
  • Greater consumer awareness
  • Premium pricing
  • Greater appeal to restaurants, retailers and consumers
  • A positive evolution in how the industry addresses biological challenges

Through our lumpfish certification program, partners will benefit from access to Ocean Matters R&D projects, collaborative best practices initiatives, as well as sales and marketing materials, including approved use of the lumpfish certification logo.

We are excited to be the first to initiate this program and do our part in addressing the sea lice challenge while fostering change in the global practices of salmon farming.