Ocean Matters' world-class bio-secure facility has been designed specifically for the breeding, raising, and studying of lumpfish – providing precise conditions for optimal growth and performance.


Lumpfish Deployment

We provide complete lumpfish deployment services to assure high levels of survivability – from transportation, to stocking, to monitoring, and follow up.  Proper deployment is essential to maximize de-lousing efficacy and lumpfish health.


Acclimation, Stocking & Care

We monitor lumpfish behavior as they move through the acclimation cycle, from our facility, to the salmon farms. We support this vital process through temperature and water chemistry control coupled with our optimized nutrition and feed program.



Ocean Matters’ fish transportation services take the greatest care and are designed specifically to address fish health and welfare. Mortality is not a factor during transport - primarily due to the health and strength of the fish at loading and improved lorry tank preparation.


Optimized Nutrition

We’ve collaborated with leading manufacturers to develop specialized diets and feed systems that create the optimal mix of performance, maintenance and immune support at the hatchery and at deployment level – promoting robust lumpfish health and maximum de-lousing.



At Ocean Matters, our goal is to help create effective solutions to the sea lice problem, not simply as a company, but as an industry. We do this by partnering and collaborating with businesses, organizations and educators  to provide guidance, support and actionable recommendations based on collective findings.