The balance between meeting the world’s growing demand for seafood, and doing so sustainably, presents many complex challenges.

At Ocean Matters, we strongly believe that with an acute focus on sustainable cleaner fish supply and utilization, we can help make a meaningful difference.  It’s this vision that drives us forward every day. 


Our Mission

To become an industry leader in sustainable sea-lice management solutions by developing consistently reliable supplies of healthy cleaner fish and deepening our experience and support around their successful deployment.  Our deep knowledge of marine water RAS systems and water treatment will help mark a difference.

We are firm believers in cleanerfish being part of a long term health management solution. Today it is the most sustainable and consumer preferred option to manage against sea-lice infestation. Playing an important role in improving the sustainability of farming salmon at sea is what really motivates us all at Ocean Matters.
— Werner Forster | Founder & Managing Director
Werner Forster with an extremely large female lumpfish.


  • Research, breed and raise lumpfish in our world-class land based facility.
  • Provide salmon farmers with effective ‘fish-friendly’ de-lousing programs.
  • Help eradicate sea lice infestations in ocean water ways and migratory routes.
  • Meet the demands of this growing market with focus, energy and passion.
  • Help educate people (both within the industry and consumers alike) the benefits of using cleaner fish.
  • Work closely with our clients to provide solutions catered to their specific needs.